Sunday Celebration Service @ 10:00am

10113 Lenexa Dr.  Lenexa, KS  66215

Our Life Together

Care Groups

There is a rhythm of life at Providence. It’s a rhythm that includes a large corporate Sunday gathering where we celebrate God and the gospel. And then we meet together in smaller gatherings (what we call Community Groups) to pursue biblical fellowship in a more intimate setting. That’s our rhythm: large gathering, small gatherings; transcendence, intimacy; truth declared, truth applied. And it’s our rhythm because we believe it’s the biblical way to live life together. It’s a rhythm of glory to God and joy for the saints.

This smaller, more intimate form of life together involves the following:

  • Biblically informed care, counsel, & prayer; 
  • Biblical application, encouragement, accountability, & pursuit of sanctification;
  • The fight of faith, service and the use of spiritual gifts for the edification of the body;
  • Attractional communities that provide contexts for mission & evangelism 

Our community groups meet 2-3 times per month on various days of the week and in various places in Johnson County and the surrounding area. They're a great context for guests interested in Providence to get a feel for how the gospel gets lived out in the life of our community.