Our mission at providence, to make and mature disciples is not something we pursue through programs and events, like the call to discipleship itself, we view our mission together as a way of life. This doesn't mean we never have programs, but it does express an intentionality to drive our mission through community and life together. And this includes our sense of calling to declare the good news of Jesus Christ, both locally and globally.

Outreach Locally 

The gospel is not something believers add to or act out, it is a message to be proclaimed and a Kingdom to be entered. Our lives and good works are important adornments to the gospel, but they never replace proclamation of the gospel. Yet love - for God, one another and neighbor - is an essential expression of a church that grasps the gospel. In light of this, we strive to build our gospel outreach around attractional community, not attractional programs. Our care groups are a place to grow in maturity, which means they are designed to foster mission. They stir up a heart for evangelism, servce and a love for the neighbors and communities that God brings into our sphere of influence. Likewise, informal care group events offer a scattered gathering for unbelievers to experience the depth of relationship that the gospel promotes. All in service of proclaiming Christ and Him crucified.

We also work to strategically engage with the students at Johnson County Community College (JUCO), just down the road from us.  The nations are literally brought to our backyard through JUCO's extensive international student population. Providence members who attend JUCO are encouraged to actively reach out to this population, pursuing these young people - from China, S. Korea, Indonesia and other nations - with both hospitality and the message of the gospel. Several families also participate in JUCO's 'Home Stay' program, opening their homes and hearts to international students. 

Providence also partners with Forest Avenue Family Shelter, a homeless shelter reaching out to women and children in KCMO with soup, soap and salvation. The shelters goal is the meat the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and homeless in their community. Once a month care groups from Providence travel down to provide meals and share the gospel with women and children at the shelter. Members also volunteer with FAFS in a variety of ways.

Outreach Globally 

Our partnership with Sovereign Grace Ministries connects Providence with a family of churches advancing the gospel through planting local churches and equipping pastors. SGM is active in Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, western Europe, eastern and northern Africa, eastern Asia, and Australia. In all, we partner to varying degrees with pastors and church-planting networks in 21 countries.

This partnership with SGM supports numerous gospel outreach endeavors:

  • the training of men for ministry and church planting at the Pastors College
  • funding and deploying church planting efforts in North America
  • equipping pastors in contexts with limited access to seminary and ongoing training
  • funding and deploying church planting efforts in international contexts and underreached/unreached areas


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