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Get Connected

Discover some of the ways we connect with one another and serve
the community around us at Providence Community Church.

Children's Ministry

We relish the opportunity to serve parents and children at Providence. Our Children’s Ministry gives us a context to come alongside parents in their God-given role of planting the seeds of faith in the hearts of their children. Our goal on Sunday mornings is to build off the Biblical instruction children receive from their parents throughout the week. Overall, we desire to equip the body of Christ to spread to the next generations a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

Young Professionals

The Lord has been gracious in building a community of young adults within our local church. Our heart is to equip them to become disciple-makers within their workplace, family, and friends. Therefore, we have opened opportunities for young adults to connect and serve through bible studies, fellowship, worship nights, and serving opportunities. 

Small Groups

We meet together in smaller gatherings (what we call Community Groups) to pursue biblical fellowship in a more intimate setting. That’s our rhythm: large gathering, small gatherings; transcendence, intimacy; truth declared, truth applied. And it’s our rhythm because we believe it’s the biblical way to live life together. It’s a rhythm of glory to God and joy for the saints.

Bridge: Explore the Christian Faith

Why does God allow suffering? Can we really trust the Bible? Is Jesus the only way? The Bridge Course is designed to help answer these questions and explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening environment over ten weeks. There are 30-minute talks covering questions we all wrestle with; the talks are followed by a 30-minute discussion to interact with the talk and share your perspective. It’s a safe environment where you can ask whatever question you like or not say a word.

Women's Ministry

We are blessed to have a vibrant ministry practicing Titus 2 inter-generational care and mentorship. There is no shortage of opportunities for the ladies of the church to study the word, read good books, swap childcare, and much more.

Men's Ministry

There is no other ministry in our church that holds a place of prominence than our men’s ministry. We hold regular “head of household” meetings where the elders share updates on church matters. We meet in many different contexts, some of them involving deep dives into church history and theology, other meetings focus on living prayerful joy-filled lives. We serve together, meeting the needs of the saints and people in the community. We read leadership books together and seek to process that information through a gospel-centered lens. Once a month, pastor Chris teaches apologetics in the back room at Outlaw Cigar in Overland Park.